Customized Wellness Therapy and Aesthetics

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Dr. Tara Kulikov, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, L.Ac.

Customized Wellness Therapy and Performance Plans

Dr. Tara Kulikov

Vision Statement

To inspire and educate my patients to make their health a high priority at every stage of their life; and, to incorporate methods of natural medicine and healing arts into their care plan (including biomedicine).

The Acu Energy Promise

  • Individualized wellness and performance plans
  • Realistic wellness and performance choices for yourself that are sustainable over the long term
  • A balance of ancient healing modalities with modern science
  • Offer only the best herbs, supplements, body products and devices
  • Provide a specific plan according to the needs of your body and mind
  • Offer a variety of therapies as part of a Wellness Collective
  • Privacy and security in a calm and professional setting
  • “Performance” goals- to include sports performance, cognitive performance, reproductive performance, or general day-to-day life performance